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SurveyManager™ Features Suit Everyone

One environment for all your survey creation, distribution and management needs

SurveyManager® provides everything you need to easily design, deploy and process questionnaires, quizzes, polls and electronic forms (eforms) across the enterprise to speed decisions and assist employees, supplier, stakeholders and customers.

This quickly transforms cumbersome paper forms into fully interactive e-forms that directly connect to the applications that drive your business. This process improvement reduces costly errors, streamlines operations, and increases overall customer responsiveness.

SurveyManager® is an integrated, end-to-end application for managing your total data collection requirements. It is the only survey/forms software designed to manage the complete survey process for large organisations from hundreds to many thousands of respondents.

The many uses of SurveyManager®

SurveyManager® can be used every time you need to collect information and/or opinions from people across your organisation.

  • NPS
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer experience
  • Product feedback
  • Brand testing
  • Online forms
  • Market research
  • Multi-rater and 360° surveys
  • Membership surveys
  • Panel/community management
  • Help desks/CRM
  • Employee engagement
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Benchmarking
  • Mystery shopping
  • Process control analysis
  • Inventory/asset tracking
  • Financial/sales tracking
  • Auditing of assets
  • Monitoring waste statistics
  • Student tracking
  • Administration of custom instruments
  • Union elections

SurveyManager® provides a suite of reports in real-time, such as:

  • Comprehensive: displays statistical table, and charts (if applicable question) & verbatim answers for all questions.
  • Table & charts: displays statistical tables & charts.
  • Table only: displays statistical tables for statistical type questions.
  • Charts only: displays all charts for relevant questions.
  • Verbatim: displays text only questions and a Tag cloud
  • Crosstab statistical: Select a crosstab question to be applied to the survey and display crosstab tables.
  • Single question: Select a single question and display statistical table and chart.
  • Single crosstab question: Select a single question and a crosstab question and display crosstab table.

Surveys can be run in different languages …

… including right-to-left languages such as Arabic and all of the 273 Unicode languages.

The Unicode Standard is a character coding system designed to support the worldwide interchange, processing, and display of the written texts of the diverse languages and technical disciplines of the modern world. In addition, it supports classical and historical texts of many written languages.

Features of SurveyManager®’s multilingual implementation include:

  • Ability to run English plus other language(s)
  • Ability to run other language(s) without English
  • Connection to Google translator
  • Separate logon for translators to write and/or correct non-English language
  • Translation of survey instructions, e.g., ‘next’, ‘proceed’, etc.
  • Presentation of a menu of questionnaires in your chosen languages
  • Automatic piping based to appropriate language based on stored on locale
  • Multilingual emails.

Emailing and Scheduling Made Easy.

Schedule invitation, reminder and thank you emails:

  • Invitation, reminder and thankyou emails are managed within SurveyManager®
  • Email templates can be drafted and prescheduled for dispatch
  • Merge fields such as first name, surname or URL can be used to personalise emails
  • HTML emails can be fully formatted with graphics and full colour options – not just plain text, and

Emails can be sent with attachments.


The Right Tools.


SurveyManager® supports an industry standard JSON API to integrate with your popular business applications or dashboard and reporting tools from a variety of vendors including Salesforce, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Tableau and Qlik.

The Right Solution.

Export Data

Some clients conduct statistical analysis and reporting outside of the product. SurveyManager® will output the questionnaire (data dictionary) with question labelling that matches the data file variable labels and codes

All The Time.


SurveyManager® automatically detects the respondent’s device and presents the appropriate web or mobile interface. As more people are using their mobile phones to read and send emails, our mobile phone feature is useful.

SurveyManager® Enterprise allows users to organise their work into a simple 4 tier hierarchy

Clients – The top tier. All projects and surveys can be grouped under a client name.

Projects – A client can have many projects.

Surveys – A project can have many surveys.

Sub Surveys – A survey can have sub surveys

ASR (Australian Survey Research Group)

We’re Here To Help Your Business Know What’s Known!

Multi-rater/360° Feedback for Employees


SurveyManager® Overview

Personalised Surveys

  • Easy to use so you can deploy your survey in minutes
  • Choose from a diverse range of standard question types
  • Brand with your colours, font styles and logos
  • Advanced application logic to create a great end user customer experience
  • Library of prebuilt surveys to help you get started
Personalised Surveys

Collecting What People Say Anytime and Anywhere

  • Design once for all devices – smartphone, tablets or workstations
  • Integrated SMS, email messaging and respondent management
  • Upload and range of video, images, data and text files
  • Multi lingual and new accessibility options so everyone can participate

Analytics and Reporting in Real Time

  • Complete survey metrics dashboard to maximize your response rates
  • Standard and custom reporting options
  • Statistical tables and charts
  • Tag cloud for verbatim text
  • Export data to popular third party reporting and analytic tools

Data Security and Integration

  • No data goes offshore – securely hosted in Australia
  • Advanced user group administration, workflow approvals and security logs
  • Trigger emails for alerts to important events or conditions
  • An open JSAON API so you can integrate with any of your business applications
Data Security and Integration
Australian Support and Services

Australian Support and Services

  • Local Help desk to answer your queries when you get stuck
  • Backed by an experienced market research and HR team to help you get productive
  • Australian development team with baseline security clearances for custom applications

Client Strength