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Dr. David Willcox

Dr. David Willcox

My name is David Willcox and I’m the founder and CEO of Australian Survey Research.

I started my life in medicine and reproductive research but became interested in databases in the mid-1980’s when I realised that databases where a great way of storing and analysing patient information.

Since this time my working life has involved the gathering and use of business information. In October 2000 I started ASR as a market & social research consultancy with human resources expertise as well. At the same time we hired programmers to build a surveying and data collection software system called SurveyManager. I’m responsible for the name because it says what is does.

The first version worked by floppy disks (remember those?) on a network and we were among the first to do 360-degree feedback this way. It was hard work and when the web came along we built a web version (SurveyManager1), which still needed the questionnaire constructor to be installed on your workstation.

In 2012 we released a brand-new all web version of SurveyManager (called SurveyManger2 in our office). Since this time the product has been progressively enhanced into a full enterprise system of which I’m very proud.

Throughout this time our consultancy work has pushed the envelope on the IT development because there is always something new we need for the next survey or research assignment. Or, something new that a software customer just has to have.

We are in the age of mobile devices. Accordingly, we have recently added SMS messaging and smartphone questionnaires to SurveyManager.

The philosophy behind SurveyManager is that it is an enterprise system. Multiple users, user groups and application groups can be set up to manage the needs of the largest organisation.

I commend the product to you and would be pleased to discuss your current needs personally – just make contact with me by phone or email.