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Government and Education 2018-12-21T10:54:23+11:00

Government and Education

SurveyManager® easily handles the unique and complex data collections requirements of Public Sector and Educational Institutions.

Government and Education

Your world sometimes doesn’t look like a typical survey, however you need access to secure and scalable environment that is capable of handling complex tasks.

SurveyManager® can be used for collection any sort of data from asset audits and performance management to running a census or staff and student surveys.

Secure Data Hosting

SurveyManager® is securely hosted in Australia as a Software-as-a-Service via our Private Internet Cloud, to ensure we fully comply with the Australian Data Privacy Principles.

Alternatively, we will install the product behind your firewall on your servers or we can host on a secure service provider of your choice including AWS or Vault Systems.

Customised Workflows

SurveyManager® was designed from the ground up to handle the complex workflow approvals and quality assurance processes of the public sector and educational institutions.

Triggered emails and alerts for various conditions, as well as a metrics dashboard are standard enterprise capabilities.

Advanced Analytics

SurveyManager® comes with a range of standard reporting options and an integrated data dictionary, however if you have the need to integrate with statistical packages or enterprise dashboard we can do this via our industry standard interface.

Business Integration

Whether your business system requirement is to call a customer feedback survey directly from SurveyManager® or you want to output client survey data back to your CRM for real time updates, all this and more can be achieved using our JSON API.

Government and Education

User Administration

Having control over who is creating surveys and collecting data can all be handled under the administration console of SurveyManager®.

Security audit logs and workflow approvals, private and shared folders are all standard features that allow organisational control and oversight of your data collection activities.

Application Customisations

When your survey requirements don’t fall into the standard features supported by SurveyManager® we have a dedicated team of developers here in Australia to help you achieve what you require.

It may be a whole of government asset audit that looks more like a spreadsheet application or a muti-user survey collecting different expenditure data across multiple departments.

Consulting Support

SurveyManager® gives you access to a world class platform and having this backed by local market research professionals will give you all the resources you need to successfully complete your project.

We can assist you in any aspect of questionnaire design, deployment, methodology, data survey analysis or reporting that you require.

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