Customer Experience

Give your customers a voice and gain priceless insights.

Customer service surveys

Learn what your customers want from a product or service.

SurveyManager® empowers you with the ability to connect with and create a continuous conversation with your customers. Listening to your customers, and you'll gain priceless insights. Understanding what your customers want gives you a competitive advantage and the information you need to help adapt to current market conditions.

One of the keys to success is knowing how well your organisation’s products and services meet, exceed, or fall short of your customer’s expectations. Learn about which areas your products and services need to improve on, and you'll know exactly what you need to do to meet the needs of customers.

Understand the why behind transactional data, and you can differentiate your company’s offering. With accurate and easy-to-read survey results, you gain a unique insight into how your product or service needs to evolve.

Voice of the customer (VOC)

Listening to and understanding the voice of the customer is crucial to restoring consumer trust in businesses and building customer loyalty, engagement, and advocacy.

Companies today must align their communications and product delivery with higher customer values. They must also set up a formal VOC program and actively be collecting, managing, and acting on customer feedback, which includes:

  • Understanding the needs and wants of a customer
  • Establishing the ordered importance of features and benefits
  • Identifying expectations and promises unfulfilled by your product or service
  • Discovering what would give customers increased satisfaction?

Net promoter score

Discover what’s behind yes, no, or maybe when it comes to customer recommendations. The Net Promoter Score allows you to gauge customer loyalty. 

According to industry standards, a 0 -10 scale is used to ask customers how likely they are to recommend your product or service. A score is automatically determined based on the percentage of promoters less the per cent of detractors.

With valuable insights gained from a net promoter score, you can gauge where customer loyalty begins and where it starts to drop off. Identify where these crucial drop-off points start, and you'll have a new area to focus on for improvements.


Measuring customer loyalty

This is a variant of customer satisfaction and has its own devotees. The questions and analysis vary slightly from traditional customer satisfaction surveys, but once again, SurveyManager® can run them all.

After mapping out a customer journey you can segment your questions into various steps. Identify crucial moments in a customer journey where loyalty drops, and you'll learn where improvements need to be made.

Improve how customers can interact with various steps, and you will elevate the customer experience for your product or service.


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