Sales & Business Operations

Gain valuable feedback to connect with your customers.

Insights and feedback from your customers

Gauge how your company's products and services perform.

When you gain valuable insights into your company's sales and business operations, you can ascertain where improvements need to be made. 

Your customers' opinion is one of the strongest sources of truth when it comes to how your products and services perform. SurveyManager® provides plenty of options to gain opinions with a diverse range of survey software features developed specifically for businesses

Sales & business operations

Customer feedback helps you position your products and service offerings to your maximum advantage.

Connect your sales and business operations with your customers, so that your teams have the right training and messaging to guide your customers on their journey.

Customer satisfaction

Monitor customer satisfaction across all touchpoints of the customer journey with real-time feedback.

From the initial onboarding to post-sales and support, you need real-time tools that allow you to capture how well your teams are providing customer service.

Customer communities

Use SurveyManager®’s panel management features to maintain a community of customers who you can reach out to regularly for programmed research and quickly if an ad hoc need arises.

This saves time and money and can provide your senior management team with customer feedback in a crisis.

Campaign management

Use our panel management features to track individuals and companies before, during and after a campaign. Contact them by email and/or SMS.

Real-time CRM updates

Many companies have a significant investment in their CRM system. But over time, the contact details of older customers get out of date.

With SurveyManager® you can upload a customer extract from your CRM, survey them to update their details – and perhaps combine this with an offer to old/infrequent customers as an incentive.

Then you can extract the survey data from SurveyManager® back into your CRM. This can be all done seamlessly via our JSON API.

Product/service feasibility studies

Conduct a survey to determine if your new idea has a market and what its price points are. It is much cheaper to do this online or partially online.

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